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Beenova AI is an adaptive learning experience platform. By focusing on future-ready skills like creativity, collaboration and critical thinking – the skills that help us change the world – students have access to personalized learning journeys.
Teachers facilitate classroom discussion based on their preferred content. Teachers help students expand, collaborate, and deepen their understanding of important, global topics.
Once learners have engaged with their daily Beenova content, teachers can easily move into a facilitation space that generates critical and open discussion. Teachers take on the role of facilitators and mentors, helping students expand on answers, collaborating, and deepening their understanding of a skill.
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We’re here to change education!
Integrate seamlessly with your school’s IT system – from Google for Education to Microsoft Education – you can even teach on WhatsApp. There is no need to install any new software.

Leverage data to understand the emotional state of a student and deliver dynamic personalized content, seamlessly closing education gaps and strengthening the relationship between the student, the teacher, parents and the world.

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We believe humans and technology have to work hand-i-hand. That’s why we focused on building human-based tech solutions – combining Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence for powerful, lifelong learning. 

We use a unique combination of AI and EI by focusing on human-centered tech design.


Our pedagogical approach is inspired by combining Phenomenon-based learning with Social Impact content to build a personal learning DNA. We call this Personal Impact Learning™.

Beenova AI aligns with forward-thinking curricula on future skills like P21 in the US, Transversal Competencies in Finland, 21st Century Competencies in Singapore and General Capabilities in Australia. 


We leverage a three-pronged methodology to learning.
Get to know your students better.
Help them understand their emotions.
Deliver the content they love, on a platform they know.
Get to know your students better.
Help them understand their emotions.
Deliver the content they love, on a platform they know.


School Owners

  • Teach and track comprehensive 21st century learning, beyond subject silos
  • Encourage mindset management and productivity
  • Measure relationship between student positivity and productivity
  • Garner insights on engagement
  • Leverage the school’s existing LMS - no need to install additional software


  • Engage with content tailored to personal learning DNA
  • Interact with technology that understands feelings and interacts accordingly
  • Read and learn about favorite subjects through phenomenon-based learning
  • Understand mood, mindset and passion
  • Personalized learning to build a passion for lifelong learning


  • Leverage a lifelong learning profile for little loved ones, easily shareable between academic institutions
  • Trust that little learners feel happy, engaged and productive
  • Equip learners with creativity, critical thinking and collaborative skills
  • Deep dive into an understanding of little loved one, setting them up for success


  • Free up time from admin related tasks
  • Reduce workload for lesson planning and assessment
  • Understand each student deeply through insights garnered
  • Become an empowered and trusted mentor and facilitator
  • Easily use, tailor and track data and engagement


We charge a subscription (per student per month) and we’re happy to work with your team and within your budget.


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Jos Dirkx

Jos oversees product strategy, inclusive tech, inclusivity and diversity, product and pedagogy, and content. As a kid – and now as an adult! – Jos loves to read, act, sing and build things that change the world.

  • Founder of Creative Agency
  • Singularity University Faculty
  • Global speaker
  • Award-winning NGO founder
  • Travel to 99 countries
  • MSc Political Science
  • 2x EdTech co-founder
  • 40 Women to Watch 2019
  • 2x Author (2018 Best Book Kinokuniya)
Antonios Kondis

Antonios oversees the technical development, algorithms and analytics. When he was little, Antonios had no idea that music would change his life – and now, he’s addicted to his guitars and plays them every day (…unless he’s out on the water!)

  • MIT Msc
  • McKinsey & Co
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Global business
  • Trading $40m+ with AI
  • AI practitioner
  • Global top 25 sailor